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LeAnn Rimes Bikini Ass of the Day

LeAnn Rimes round ass in a black bikini on the beach

It’s nice to see LeAnn Rimes, once marketed as a wholesome country girl, now in a thong on the beach, pushing 40, slutting out in a bikini on the beach…

Looking like a social media slut on social media…is funny to me, but so was when she got her new tits..back when she transitioned from good Christian girl to broken child star with a lot of money – set for life – and tired of being exploited – finding a way to be her true self being half naked…exhibitionist…

But her Jesus loving fans will never turn on her, even after the devil has his grip on her….It makes for a balanced existence…

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  • Doll Parts


  • MacDaddy

    Can’t deny that is one fine looking ass. I bet if you posted just that ass pic and said, “Guess who” no one would have suspected a 40-year old has-been. Now that I know it’s her, all I see when I look at that ass is her deformed face! 🙁

  • JayWye

    she hasn’t had any kids,that’s why her butt is still tiny. I love small butts.