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Maitland Ward Nipples of the Day

Maitland Ward Nipples in a Green SHirt and Green Panties

Maitland Ward is fucking disgusting, but I still consider her a friend of the site because she angrily emails me complaining about how mean I am to her, which is nice, because there’s two types of humor from my perspective, MEAN jokes, and jokes not worth hearing, so I focus on MEAN jokes, to put people to the test, make them question their existence, and get under their skin and annoy them, ideally ruining if not all of their day, a little part of their day…not because I have a complex or because I am unhappy…I just think people need to be challenged, to see if what they are doing is the right thing, rather than encouraged and praised, as people tend to get lost in the praise, rather than in the hate…forcing them to become more progressive, interesting, challenging, competitive, and overall a better user experience.

I can go on and on about how Maitland Ward does softcore porn now, should have done softcore porn in the 90s, but in her old age, and I mean OLD age she’s found confidence and an audience that I doubt pays her much money, except for the escort fees….

But the truth is that in 2018, I am challenging myself to be better and better too, why die and stagnate with the rest of the sites cuz they aren’t making money, I never made money, in this climate find my category, and maybe I’ll finally go viral..

So I look at my analytics, something I’ve never done in years past, I just had boatloads of traffic I couldn’t monetize and didn’t care about monetizing, because that would require work…I also didn’t care that my site was a top 1000 site on the internet and always though it was a lame social experiement / project and often times hated that I spent my days doing it…

But 2018, I said, before websites totally die, maybe I can make something of this, and with that I looked at the posts that get the most traffic that I post and turns out Maitland Ward is the top contentder….she beats out EVERY other girl out there….and is now going to have to become the site’s Mascot or focal point…because that is what you people want…


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