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Maitland Ward Public Nudity of the Day

Maitland Ward Public Nudity Topless

Maitland Ward is confusing.

It’s like how can someone be so washed up and disgusting…get people paying her a monthly fee to either see her fuck, or just get naked on the internet…

It’s fucking weird, but not as weird as when a reader sent me in all these Maitland Ward snapchat texts where she was offering him anal sex for 1000 dollars…

Something I posted, she emailed crying about and that I removed because I am a nice guy….who doesn’t think calling a whore a whore is mean…

So fast forward a few years from that snapchat sex working angle she was pulling, and girl now films amateur porn for her fans…fucking random dudes while her husband films…and she’s even got a porn deal with Brazzers or some shit.

It is the story of the sex tape done SO fucking wrong, but she doesn’t care cuz she failed forward – right into it.

Sex work, not all the impressive to get into, anyone can do it…even 45 year old has beens from a TV show to decades ago with a nerd following thanks to a few years of Comicon tours.

the whole thing…is pretty fucking gross.


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Maitland Ward St Patricks Day Porno of the Day

Maitland Ward Irish Pussy St Patricks Day

Back in the day – even the lowest level of celebrity sex tape was exciting…back when beastiality was illegal…clearly times have changed..

I POSTED THE MAITLAND WARD ST PATRICK’S DAY SEX TAPE ….even though I didn’t want to, because it was disgusting…but I figure, like Maitland figures…it’s thematic based content…I mean anyone looking for some Holiday Theme, St Patrick’s Day erotica..will turn to her…and the sick fucks who pay her PATREON so much that she’s turned to being a pornstar, the world’s worst pornstar…love her lack of creativity…because they are true fans who pay monthly fees to see her smut….

Posting the Matiland Ward Sex Tape is the equivalent of posting the first person shooter view of the New Zealand shooter…it’s disgusting and it is giving the terrorist the attention she is trying to get, screaming to get…because who pulls insane and disgusting stunts like this for fun…they do it for the hits man….

Matiland Ward is unfortunately ginger, and thus plays up the whole Irish thing, which is now not just some pig of 45 year old woman in silly St Patrick’s Day outfits, but rather a pig of a woman, getting her fuck on, full dick sucking and dick riding, because the cock tease that I didn’t understand cuz it wasn’t teasing my cock…turned into a public, exhibitionist, sex star….

She is some delusional exhibitionist, blinded by all the attention she’s getting from her creepy fans, evolving her Comic Con, loyal nerd followers into a place where she legit fucks on camera in weird self produced scenes….instead of just going into porn the normal way…decades ago…when she was still hot from the Boy MEets World thing, because the internet didn’t exist, and she didn’t know how to cultivate fans into giving her money, until now….

She doesn’t look like a good fuck, she is married and you know her husband is behind this, and most importantly…back when no one knew she was this weirdo pervert….she used to fuck fans for money off snapchat…and I had the screenshots to prove it…only for her to personally email me crying about hot it’s a fake…and nice guy me took it down…only to discover she is a disgusting pervert posting her sex videos…

Now I am all for sex tapes…and girls turning to producing porn to survive. I am a voyeur…I am just not into it when it’s such low quality, gross, fucking too many Irish Car Bomb curdling inside me….looking sloppy bitches…

Seriously…the worst sex ever….

But her fans love it, they pay her more than 50k a month on Patreon…I am glad they have their priorities straight. Sick Fucks…and I’m not glad she feels like she is empowered, making more money than she ever has being disgusting….thanks to the internet…something she should be too old to use….

This is someone too old to use the internet getting carried away, like a granny clicking on scammer links, givving access to her bank account, the sloppy old lady pussy way.

It was bound to happen….the internet is the worst and encourages some real gross things to fucking happen.

With a 50k or more a month budget, you’d think this Loch Ness Monster would do better…


Known for her tits….but rocking the sickest tits…sick in the actual meaning of sick…she’s a doughy pile of Irish looking Sheep Shit…not into this but so compelled to post it..

It’s on stepSMUT…. CLICK HERE

Here she is getting gay with some other busted chick


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Maitland Ward Still Naked of the Day

Maitland Ward Naked Covering Nipples

It always amazes me when I see an average at best, middle aged woman, producing really low quality amateur porno content, get some level of celebrity, clout, importance, return on her minimal investment in her content production…because they are old, dumpy and by definition disgusting.

Maitland Ward is an old lady, she wasn’t even famous when she was famous, and the interest in her and her slophole is fucking crazy to me…

Yet she’s out there making over 30k a month off perverts…because ultimately what it comes down to is that people are perverts and it doesn’t take much to find your niche of perverts since there are so many perverts out there….

I do appreciate her hustle, get that money in, get paid with low level amateur porn we know her husband is behind….

I just don’t appreciate what it looks like…it’s gross.


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Maitland Ward Erotica of the Day

Maitland Ward Lingerie Spread Legs


Maitland Ward is still fucking disgusting…old and expired….But she’s getting paid…by perverts everywhere who like her…because perverts are everywhere and I guess they are given access to their credit cards despite being full retards…and perverts are easy to manipulate and actually don’t like hot chicks because hot chicks are too out of their league and prefer something more attainable like Maitland Ward who looks like a mom….not hot to me…but I’m not the masses…

Who cares about Oscar Nominees when you have people like this being shat out of the anus of Hollywood…once on TV…promising…now someone who looks like a Yeast Infection….and probably smells like one too.


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Maitland Ward Still a Hooker of the Day

Maitland Ward Still a Hooker Topless

The internet is a weird place that fucks with people on a psychological level in a weird fucking way….from all the hardcore porn a girl sees her boyfriend or husband addicted to, to all the instagram sluts half naked a girl sees her boyfriend or husband interact with on social media, it makes for a place of insecurity and uncertainty….especially when you were on a hit show with your big tits in the 90s….when people cared about you and when you thought you had a chance to be a big star….since no one realizes that they peaked when they are peaking…

So someone like Maitland Ward, forgotten from the masses moves on into the world of social media, with a husband who really wants his girl to be a sex object to get him off, you know porno makes people weird…and a few years later, after cultivating her audience of pervert weirdos, she ends up doing porn for herself, and for her PATREON…making 50k a month…..on the platform the CEO recently came out saying there is no porn on Patreon, only that 90 percent of the money they make come from porn…but they present it better than other people and are fully accepted pornographers…weird.

Maybe she’s doing it for herself, maybe for her husband, maybe for the money or the ego boost she gets now that people care and send her dick pics to show their appreciation…but she’s fat and forty….two things that make for shitty fucking porn…that make me ask…why she didn’t get into porn when it was more of a thing, I mean Jenna Jameson made hundred of millions in porn…not 50k a month, more like 50k a day…cuz porn wasn’t some mainstream thing everyone was doing cuz they are half retard primate perverts….

Cuz this shit right here – right now – makes for some disgusting fucking content.


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Maitland Ward Finally Takes a Shower of the Day

Maitland Ward Naked Washing

Maitland Ward is one of those women who just looks slimy as fuck and makes me feel dirty looking at her weird self shot, self produced, homemade porn. It’s just so low quality and gutter, it looks like it would smell like shit if you were in the room with her.

It’s cringeworthy, in this world I’m ridiculously desensitized in, I’ve seen some real vulgar porn over the years, yet for some reason…a reason I call social media…Maitland Ward…from Boy Meets World has found her place for people into seeing the big tits of someone who was once on TV.

It’s nice to see that despite looking like a greasy shitty smelling slophole…she actually takes showers….and uses soap…impressive from such gutter bottom feeding trash.


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Maitland Ward Big Nipples of the Day

I don’t know if Maitland Ward is still making her 50,000 dollars a month, but I am going to assume that she is, because that’s how these subscription business models work, it’s how all the porn companies got so fucking rich in the late 90s and early 200s, it’s what made Jenna Jameson’s website worth 100,000,000 dollars…it’s simple…people don’t check their credit card bills, and don’t bother canceling monthly payments of 20 dollars or less….so if you rook them in with your tits once….it’s usually pretty easy to keep them there and to grow off that baseline now that you have money coming in….and it’s really nothing new or exciting, magazines were doing it for generations, your local newspaper the same…even GYMS…people pull the credit card out once and you’ve got them locked…

I do know that her second coming of Ginger has been a weird and disorganized journey probably designed and created by her husband who is a Cuck and likes seeing his wife get fucked and sucking cock that isn’t his when he films…he likes sharing her with the world….and they’ve basically become a modern version of a 40 year old couple in the early internet days, who held jobs but at night would do weird porn shoots to play out the fantasy.

So when Boy Meets World Topanga got some hybrid spinoff show, and media started talking Boy Meets World, Maitland and her tits and Husband went to work, producing terribly shot images, getting her in Cosplay, sending her to comicon, having her struggling with her monster tits, really all just driven by weird perversions….

Instead of having her do sex work when she was younger and hype, they have her doing it now as an older barely memorable…but it works…people like average looking girls, girl next door, interracting with someone who was on TV they used to watch…like how can a girl they never thought they’d meet be sending them personalized cunt pics…it’s crazy and exciting when you’re pathetic…so they just keep on spending the 15 dollars a month on her….

I would say it’s fascinating, but it’s really not, but I’m not gonna hate on Maitland for finding her second life, from people who play second life…I meanI respect the hustle, even if it’s dirty, slimy and fucking strange….

Some pics….ok…..

Maitland Ward Big Tits See Through Bra Big Nipples

Maitland Ward Big Tits Bra


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Maitland Ward Terrifying Nudity of the Day

Maitland Ward Big Tits Nude BouncingMaitland Ward Big Tits Nude Bouncing

Mainland Ward is making news today because she’s not naked, having a threesome, catering to her husband’s cuckold fetish, who you know is the person behind her being a sex worker. He married some Boy Meets World starlet men wanted to fuck and he got zero out of it, until the internet resurgence of Boy Meets World, where unlike Danielle Fischer Topanga marrying Hot Karl, she’s out there getting a Hot Karl to get more patrons who make her lots of money…..cuz they like old fat tits that they had a crush on in the 90s….sick fucks.


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Maitland Ward Disgustingly Naked of the Day

Maitland Ward Disgusting Nude Covered in Cream

Maitland Ward is old, sloppy and naked…the way her fans like her, and I guess the way her husband who has been coordinating this cuckold since there was new found attention on Maitland Ward after years of being forgotten, thanks to the 90s revival….

She managed to establish herself on social media, in a DIY, like an ETSY artist, and pretty much slowly found her fanbase of perverts who always wanted to see her naked…

She cockteased, she did Cosplay as she realized the level of nerd that was into her…and eventually it turned to a successful 50k a month patreon, her people have spoken, they are believers, and support her, and I guess encourage her to get naked….

That money, instead of riding it out and cock teasing more aggressively, she got the confidence to do straight up porn…and now fucks for her fans to watch and I assume loves every minute of it…because after years of being forgotten, it’s probably nice to feel wanted, and to have a fat bank account to validate that being wanted in financial terms we all understand.

I think it’s been an interesting social commentary, I think 40 year old women in their sexual prime all want to be porn stars people jerk off to, and I think married people everywhere like to spice up their relationship with black cock, as this couple does…so it makes sense on a higher level…but it’s still fucking weird.

Maitland Ward Disgusting Slutty Black Lace Bodysuit


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Maitland Ward Big Tits of the Day

Maitland Ward Big Fake Tits Pink Bikini

Maitland Ward is getting paid 50k a month through her patreon, which is either impressive, or depressing to actual babes who can’t even get 1000 dollars a month out of their fan base, but that’s probably because their audience is under the age of 40 and didn’t watch them on Boy Meets World, and fall in love with the 19 year old them, so that at 40 when she comes to light and they are reminded of her, they can follow, connect, chat with something they used to jerk off to, only to help her shape whatever the fuck her media empire is….

I am fine with all that, an old whore becoming a sex worker way too fucking late….like why didn’t she do this when she was 19….I guess because the internet didn’t exist an sex workers didn’t know they were sex workers or capable of sex work because at the time it was seen as a bad thing…

Maybe she waited for her dad to die…so he wouldn’t be disappointed by her….

I don’t have the answers, I just know that they need to seriously up their content game up, spend some of that 50k on some production, maybe a new apartment….like why does it all look so fucking 90s and bootleg…I don’t get it…but it is a thing…literally…and it has big fucking tits that are probably the key to her following….

It’s not magic…but it is so bad it’s good….all while she’s laughing to the bank…..

Maitland Ward Big Fake Tits Red Lace Bra


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