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Lottie Moss Instagram Lingerie Show of the Day

Lottie Moss Slutty Lingerie Show for Instagram Naked in the Bathtub

I think it was Kate Moss’ birthday the other day, I saw all these idiots giving tributes to her like she was dead, even though she’s only partially dead, but always alive in my heart because she’s Kate Moss…

I guess her half sister, Lottie, who gets press for being her half sister, and who owns that shit hard…even calls herself a model because of it, even though you don’t have to be a model to be a model these days…

But she has been able to get herself onto reality tv, and hang with reality tv trash, and most importantly, create an instagram account where she can clickbait her way to her fans…in what looks like lingerie pics…racy.

I mean you have to get noticed somehow…and sometimes your last name isn’t enough, but your willingness to get naked enough to get noticed…is what carries you..

Looks good to me.

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