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Demi Lovato Underboob of the Day

Demo Lovato Underboob

Demi Lovato is extremely famous, which amazes me because I’ve never heard any of her songs or seen anything he’s been in, yet she’s got 65 million followers on Instagram, are there even 65 million people using instagram, that’s some really important shit, the kind of shit that makes a girl have a terrible ego, the kind of shit that makes a girl flash the base of her tits to her audience to get that feedback that she’s looking for, maybe while masturbating, you know a “tell me I’m hot, I’m about to cum”….where 500,000 people go crazy….including her management who reach out and say “maybe you should keep it in your pants, your fans are 12 year old girls”….to which she deletes it, even though her tits are what make her an empowered woman….now that she’s got the confidence to show the tits…while just last year, she was bragging about not wearing make-up and being fat….and all changed after she got dumped…thank god for that…because I endorse fat girls getting skinny and hot…just because I can buy their activism, which is really just pandering, with more enthusiasm…rather than anger at them for being full of shit lazy fucks…talking to fat lazy people who love being talked to because it empowers them….

Here’s a fitness pics…

Demi Lovato In Pink Leggings

Here’s some Demi Lovato’s Activism..

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