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Madonna’s Topless Louie Vuitton Purse Ad of the Day

Madonna's Topless Louie Vuitton Purse Ad

Madonna is bored in Lisbon, where she lives now, because she’s training her black she adopted to be a professional football /soccer player, because that’s what entitled weirdo white people do to feel better about themselves… I saw that Sandra Bullock movie about the racists who paid a black guy to go pro in the NFL…I know how plantation owners worked…..it’s oppressive..in this case mainly because Madonna Pulled her Damn Tits Out..

No one wants to see that shit…I mean, I’m fine seeing that shit, because I am a pervert and like all tits, bad tits, tits that were once good tits…but at 60…with all the plastic surgery she’s had done…this is out of some kind of horror movie…

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