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Stella Hudgens Nipples in a Hip Shoot of the Day

Stella Hudgens nipples in a white shirt

I love the BOOTLEG SISTER…you know the sister of a barely famous chick, I mean assuming Vanessa Hudgens is considered barely famous, she did High School Musical and was hugely famous at the time, probably better known to you perverts as the High School Musical chick who leaked some nude selfies, showing the world her hairy vagina….

But the real interesting person in the family, as in most families, is the one who has to try harder to get noticed, or who is smart enough to coast or ride the wave the sister created, since being actually famous is a pain in the ass, but having full access to it like you were famous, is better….for most…who don’t have egos and like being left the fuck alone….

So here’s Stella Hudgen’s posting up what look like nipple in a see through shirt to me. Her tits bigger than her sister. She’ll always have that…I mean unless her sister gets bolt on tits as they sometimes do…but for now…let Stella SHINE and BASQUE in the glory of the Desert Sun.

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