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Kera Lester Nude of the Day

Kera Lester Topless in the Desert

I call this: Kera Lester is the Model You’ve Never Heard Off Flashing her VAG of the Day

Not that Kera Lester is an actual model – but she is really trying…

But then again, if doing photoshoots and have a modelmayhem doesn’t make you a model – I don’t know what does…

We don’t need paying jobs, just paying Johns, and that instagram to live that good life….

You don’t need to know a girl, to judge her based on the content she’s putting out there, we can write a whole story, a boring story, of a girl with no job, doing all she can to sexualize herself to get to the top of the food chain, or at least get knocked up by a rich guy.

Same story, new tits and pussy.

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