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Sistine Stallone in a Bra of the Day

Sistine stallone in a black lace bra at nyfw

In rich girls with famous dads who were a huge fucking deal in the 80s and 90s who have faces that look like they were the punching bag their dad trained on in his most iconic role….

Here’s SISTINE Stallone, named after the Sistine Chapel, like she’s some kind of work of art, you know like all the other Jersey Trashy WOPs out there with the same name..

She may not look good, but she gets to go to all the important events thanks to her dad being a Stallone, and really, as long as you’re not fat, who cares, you’re rich, have access, you don’t need to be an egotistical model to live that good life, you just gotta cry to daddy for more money or to call on his friends…

But then she heads out with her bra on, for attnetion, because these girls, all girls, thanks to social media, can’t help wanting to be famous, known, seen, followed, liked or provocative…the world is one VAIN, even from those who shouldn’t be vain, pile of bullshit.

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