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Maitland Ward Naked and Tied Up of the Day

Maitland Ward Tits out tied up blindefolded but not dead

What the hell man…

Why hasn’t Maitland Ward’s fetish instagram been deleted yet? I mean this must be against the Zuckerberg rules of contact…

More importantly, what the hell is going on in these topless pics of her being tied up like some kind of Fetish model…I’ve seen pics like this on STEPSMUT …it’s a thing…and I guess a thing this weirdo is into but more importantly into SHARING….with her fans, who I guess probably pay her for sex, because if this isn’t a BACKPAGES photoshoot, I don’t know what the fuck it is…

I mean even if it was a BACKPAGES photoshoot, I have no idea what this is..other that real fucking weird….

BUT even weirder….people LIKE her….and into her…jerk off to her…and that alone is crazy…but not crazy enough for me to want to release her sex tape.


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  • jcloth

    Someone needs to give her a push over that ledge while she’s still blindfolded