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Kim Kardashian’s Waist to Hip Ratio of the Day

Kim Kardashian's Waist to Hip Ratio

Kim Kardashian posted up some photoshopped, or just plastic surgery ridden, post pregnancy body – where she’s bragging about her 24 inch waist – that she likes showing off because she’s a fame whore who like to show off her very fucking weird looking body…that she likes showing off…because she’s a sex worker..

These people are terrible humans, the worst thing in modern pop culture and I don’t find anything about Kim Kardashian hot, or interesting, I just think her bragging about her 24 inch waist she got from getting the fat sucked out of her…and unfortunately her plastic surgery hasn’t resulted the same results Kanye’s mom had….DEATH.

There’s nothing magical or impressive about this. Disgusting, horrible science….

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