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Kassidy Cook is the Topless Olympian of the Day

Kassidy Cook  nipples

The Winter Olympics are over….next up are the Summer Olympics in 2 years and I guess to hype that up, or to ride off the Olympic hype, in efforts to get a profile boost, this Olympian decided to leak some nudes…

The life lesson is that leaked nudes are key for all Champions…..From getting sympathy from the guise of being violated…To getting attention from people who have no idea who you are, thanks to your great tits….and getting press, attention, hype, and becoming a sex symbol, when otherwise just being an unknown…it’s brilliant….

She’s an Olympic Diver…her name is Kassidy Cook…this is her INSTAGRAM …help her boost those numbers and help her get paid…because she’s got big tits and divers don’t get paid nearly as much as NFL players…so help a girl live her life as a hot bikini / bathing suit wearing rocking fit flexible body….athlete who represents YOUR country and is one of your HEROS..the way you should.

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