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Zoe Kravitz See Through Shirt of the Day

Zoe Kravitz Sheer shirt mayo mouth

Zoe Kravitz is the worst. I mean I am sure there are worst people in the world than her…but whenever I see her pop up, I instantly think to myself that she’s the worst…

She’s a Lisa Bonet x Lenny Kravitz, rich brat who I guess is 1/2 black by having two half black parents, making her some accessible Black Panthher….

She has decided she’s a fashion model, or fashion icon, or fashion influencer, or an actor, while acting all cool or arty…

But she’s just a rich kid, the media or anyone who works with her just love celebrity kids, they write about how cool her style is, or who she is fucking, like they are celebrities of their own…but instead are just the worst kind of mooch….

But then again, her dad was a mooch too, his parents were rich and famous, before he was dating models and pulling his dick out on stage while singing annoying music…so I guess the cycle just continues….

While her mom was the skinned bitch from the Cosby Show you may have masturbated to cuz she was the more accessible character on the show for the racists appalled a black family could be on TV, or be doctors, like you were Bill Cosby with less ‘ludes…

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