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Naomi Campbell Topless for Fashion of the Day

Naomi Campbell topless showing tits in GQ

I don’t know why Naomi Campbell doesn’t have nipples, but it’s very weird…..maybe the future trend in titty pics because she’s an iconic model and dictates the trends…and people who follow fashion are straight gullible retards who buy into anything they are told…they even get sugar babies and become hookers for what they are told…so if someone like Naomi Campbell…the 90s supermodel…who must be 100 but BLACK DON’T CRACK…convinces them the style is to turn yourself into an actual Barbie Doll and amputate your nipples for fashion….they’ll all follow her lead…like she was Kim Kardashian telling people to jack up their faces and get ass implants….only for corporate sponsors to hop onto and throw money at instead of taking it out back and getting shot..

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