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Frances Bean Cobain See Through Dress of the Day

Frances Bean Cobain see through dress

Frances Bean Cobain was 2 years old when her mom had her dad killed / when her dad committed suicide in what we all know is a myth of the 1990s grunge era, but that we’ll go along with like the record execs who gave Courtney Love a career after Kurt’s death, figuring they can ride off his celebrity, pass it onto her, and make her a rich person, who could even be more fucked up and crazy that she was pre-Nirvana fame….

The sex worker turned pop star and actress who has been consistently creazier and crazier each year….

Leading to a lot of fucking damage for their kid, Frances Bean Cobain, who grew up without a father, grew up with a crazy drug addict mother, grew up in the limelight or the wake of her dad’s “genius”…and her mom’s “celebrity”…with rumors that the mom had the dad killed, grew up amongst excess and drugs…making for some kind of interesting 25 year old people will always be interested in….who wears see though outfits to events that you can’t see her nipples in.

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