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Elle Fanning’s Ass in a Demin Jumpsuit of the Day

Elle Fanning is in a jumpsuit, a good old one piece denim outfit, that is straight from 2005 stripper fashions, at least based on my experience with this outfit, that was all the rage in 2005….and that I have very fond and even terrifying memories of…

If you’d go to a club, this was the look, tits out of the top, cameltoe in the front…the demin jumpsuit was the star of the fucking show…it may have even been something in a J.Lo video, I don’t know where these girls get inspired by, I just know it happened..

Well, I remember a good friend of mine decided to go from car salesman to stripper because the money was easier and more fun to get, why sell Toyota’s when you can let dudes grab your big tits for money….and she was finding her place in the world, touring city to city, only to ask to come to Montreal, the Mecca of trashy stripclubs, and stay with me….

I wasn’t fucking her, I mean to this day I have never even seen her tits, but she’d hang out during the day, then hit up the strip clubs at night, and come back when she was done…and she spent probably three weeks doing this….and in those three weeks, while I wasn’t seeing tits, or pussy, or getting lap dances or blowjobs…she wore her one jump suit, exactly like this jump suit…EVERY single day….with no underwear…for 3 weeks….often times unshowered…and I thought that jump suit must smell like shit…and one day, while she was at work, she left the jump suit behind…and staring me in the face..was this demin outfit I knew lived in her pussy for most of the time she was visiting…I had to face my fears…my disgust…and sniff it…and I did….and I’ve never quite been the same since..

Thanks for the PTSD trigger FANNING you assshole..


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