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Kimberley Garner Bikini of the Day

Kimberley Garner Tits and Ass in Tiny White and Black Bikini

The most important day of my life was when Kimberley Garner followed me for 24 hours on twitter back when she was even more insignificant in the grand scheme of the internet than she is now…because she’s not really that important…but this was back when she was on some UK Reality Show….really hot for someone from the UK, and almost natural looking, tanned and fit, instead of either grey skinned and rotten teethed, or some huge clown tit Glamour Model….

Kimberly, or Kimmy, as she likes to be called in the sexual fantasy I have of her sitting on my face with that fit body…is pushing that instagram model thing, trying to make it in the USA like she did in the UK, doing that travel blogger shit….that doesn’t matter, gets girls paid, gives them an excuse to get in bikinis, doing shoots, showing off that body…that is a hot body…

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