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Big Girl Iskra Lawrence Booty of the Day

Iskra Lawrence Big Girl Booty in a Pink Bikini Getting Wet

Iskra Lawrence should wear brighter colored bikinis so that she doesn’t get confused as a whale before going out into the ocean on a paddleboard to work on her core, in what we can assume will be more of a laying on the paddleboard and trying not to engage any muscles, unless she sees some sea food that she can dive down and eat because she loves to eat….

The face is that this Iskra Lawrence chick was a skinny aspiring model getting no where, so she figure let it out, get fat, and pretend you’re body positive and that the world needs to listen to you….go viral…and brands will throw money at you….

Basically exploitative of fat people, the black face of black people, the AL JOLSON of fat people….because fat people are far too lazy to get out there, put themselves out there, even the loud obnoxious ones…because they are ashamed of being fat…

While a skinny girl who got fat can see it as the novelty act that it is..

Iskra Lawrence Pussy Shot underwater

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