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Degenerate Demi Rose ASs of the Day

Demi Rose Black Big tits and Ass in red swimsuit 2

Demi Rose Ass is a sex worker from the UK

This is what sex workers from the UK do when they are well paid and hustling an instagram personal of socialite – sex worker – tag your sponsor you’re not paying for this vacation or really your fake ass or fake everything else – there are people with deep pockets funding this disgusting mess.

The only thing that I know about this thing is that she’s 22 years old despite looking 45…magical how this plastic surgery shit happens to these women fucking up their faces, getting to total opposite effect old ladies are trying to get with the same procedures…I just wonder how this shit will age, and what the long term effects are…I mean it’s not keeping me up at night – but it’s such a curious time…

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