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Iggy Azalea Hard Nipples of the Day

Iggy Azalea Hard Nipples Fake Tits and Ass in a Bikini

I guess Iggy Azalea got some new plastic surgery, some Lipo sucking out the fat from her stomach and dropping it into her ass, or maybe she’s figured out Facetune, so that she doesn’t have to get all the plastic surgery she’s been getting, because for some reason, a reason I call “she probably released a new single”….she’s been posting slutty pics that

I am forced to post even though I hate this look, I hate her sound, I hate this white girl rapper, cultural appropriation I don’t support, even though I support all other cultural appropriation, because it’s not the end of the world for a motherfucker to wear blackface, dreads, use chopsticks, etc…it’s like we can’t collab as one race, the human race….

But instead it makes all the pussy liberals cry…yet they’ll still dance to this blatant use of exploiting something that feels wrong… I’m not sure what it is but it is designed for this pig of a woman to cash the fuck in….

But they don’t have Taco night at their college…or serve Indian food made by non-Indian people…as that is wrong…you fucking nuts people…and most interestingly is more racist than letting people “culturally appropriate” because those who culturally appropriate are just sharing and borrowing from each other…and calling it out is basically saying that we are all different….and segregated.

A girl can’t wear a Chinese Dress to prom, are you fucking kidding me, every dress is made in China and that’s ok, but traditional garb that they sell at every souvenir shop is appropriation…it’s fucking nuts…

Get your damn story straight people…

Iggy Azalea Fake ASs in bikini

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