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Patricia Contreras Nip Slip of the Day

Patricia Contreras Nip Slip in a White Dress 2

I don’t know who Patricia Contreras is…

But you can see her nipple…slipping out of her dress…which in this era doesn’t really matter, bitches are putting their nipples out on the internet all day, but to an old timer like me, who remembers an era of no nipples being slipped, I get nostalgic remembering when moments like this were massive, important, exciting and amazing…

Patricia Contreras, whoever you are, thanks for reminding me of what matters….what it’s all about…why I get up everyday….

I mean I don’t actually care, but what the fuck else was I going to write about Patricia Contreras….

Patricia Contreras is back at it, skinny mexican “actress” with the big tits lets her nipples loose on the red carpet at cannes – how did she even get in?

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