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Selma Blair Swimsuit of the Day

Selma Blair Tits and Ass in a White Bikini

This just in – Selma Blair is not Sophia Bush….

But she is Selma Blair…and she is in a bathing suit in Cannes…because I guess she’s still in the scene or maybe she fucks / dates / married a producer…

The last time we say Selma Blair was not when she was in Cruel Intentions, but maybe it was, I don’t remember anything else she’s been in, but I feel like she must have been in other things…

It was at Art Basel, so she’s doing the hipster instagram socialite thing, attending all the key events…and that’s what this about….

Oh wait, this is Palos Verdes California…she’s not at CANNES at all.

Aren’t you glad we worked through this one together.

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