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Nadine Leopold Ass in Cannes of the Day

Nadine Leopold Red Swimsuit Up Ass and Tits

Nadine Leopold is some bootleg Victoria’s Secret model, who has worked with the brand once, in one of their catalogs and got herself on the map and accepted into the NYC rich dude scene, where she’s tried to fuck every rich guy she comes across, in hopes that her expiring work visa, because she is an immigrant, gets renewed.

Through her prostituting, she has managed to attend great events, go on great trips, live a great life, and as she nears the end of her modeling career, she was able to leverage her way back into Victoria’s Secret after losing a bunch of weight she gained being lazy and a date at all these fancy restaurants….by being in their show last year…and I guess…this is her continuing her rich guy obsession in Cannes..

I don’t find her interesting or hot..but she’s showing off her ass like a whore…becasue she is one..officially..but not quite officially..but officially enough to me.

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