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Dua Lipa Nipples of the Day

dua lipa nipples in a sheer white bra

Oops …

I wrote a post on Charli XCX’s nipples – but turns out they are DUA LIPA’s nipples…because I am so old, disconnected, unaware of what is going on in pop culture…

Just a few hours ago, a friend asked me “what’s the latest viral trend” and I said “I’m not 15, I hate social media, I don’t fucking care”….

The only viral trend I know and see is a bunch of fucking people trying to get as famous as possible doing the least amount of work they can…and seeing it working for them…

Everyone is an influencer, even people producing porn, it’s where everything lives…

So knowing what nipples I look at, on two fame whores, one a youtuber the other a who the fuck knows, while this one’s the youtuber..is impossible…I don’t stand a chance..

Plus I have a real life facial recognition blindness, that comes with not caring, but literally exists cuz I don’t recognize friends or my wife…due to trauma maybe…it’s like I see people I’ve known forever and I’m like “oh that’s what you look like”…it’s a condition….that I won’t use as an excuse for my terrible blogging and reporting on nipples, when I should do better…with a site like DrunkenStepfather, written by a dyslexic, you’d expect better….

I will stick to not caring, I see tits everyday, they’re tits, who cares.

UPDATE IT IS Charli XCX’s nipples

dua lipa nipples in a sheer white bra

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