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Romee Strijd Bikini of the Day

Romee Strijd Tits and Ass in Bikini

Romee Strijd may have a stupid name. She may be a recent Victoia’s Secret angel, but she’s hot, has a great skinny body and I am a fan, even if I’ve been told she is weird looking…all tall and gangly like a character out of a horror movie, a character out of a horror movie I’d love to be raped and killed by…

She’s clever, she’s trying to elevate her half nakedness and build a personal brand, because that’s what people need to do to stay relevant and get brand deals after the VS shit is done. Use the marketing of the brand to build yourself up so that you can exist like Tyra or Klum before her. Smart.

She’s started a YOUTUBE CHANNEL where she VLOGS about her life…that is highly produced and makes her seem like she’s living this aspirational amazing existence…because that’s the lie you need to perpetuate before you off yourself in your hotel room in france while filming your show for CNN….inner demons…

Well…this one, still happy in her existence winning at life…is in a bikini.


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