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Kimberley Garner Bikini of the Day

Kimberley Garner Tits and ASs in a Thong Bikini

No one actually knows who Kimberley Garner is, but she has been trying to find a way to be as relevant as possible doing what any woman with some level of intelligence would do…she’s posing half naked on the internet hoping to get noticed….she did follow me on twitter for 10 minutes once…that’s how I noticed her…but then our love died a fast painful death.

I would say that any woman who was drawn to staring in a reality show, which I think is what Kim Garner is known for, is the kind of shameless attention seeker, being shameless and attention seeking….who would evolve into someone like this, who moves to LA, is still in Bikinis, is trying to make it in America but the people really just don’t care….but they do like her bikini pics…so keep that going until you’re too old and it’s too late…

Makes sense to me.

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