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Marisa Papen Bush Causes Controversy in Israel of the Day

Marisa Papen Naked Bush and Nipples

I’ve been writing about Marisa Papen since she first started getting naked on the internet…if you look into the Marisa Papen Archives there are probably a lot of posts about her, and other girls like her, who realize getting naked gets them attention.

She started out as a nude on instagram girl, when instagram didn’t like nude girls on instagram, and I think she ended up getting deleted at some point. I am not sure if she ever went back to instagram but I do know that she kept up the nude modeling. Intellectualizing it, growing her fan based, people liked her hot naked body…understandably…it’s hot and we’re all fucking perverts..

Well her nude modeling finally went viral, the stars aligned, everything came together for her…thanks to posing nude in contoversial locations, politically hot locations, like some kind of Banksy by naked….like the West Bank, or the wall, or whatever the Jews and the Palestinians led by the Hadid family are fighting for….

Everyone is talking about her, about this shoot and I support nude modeling, I always have encouraged all women to get naked, I have risked being called a pervert before it was a think for all women to get naked…and here she is proving that I was right all along….getting naked makes dreams come true….when is Disney going to make one of their movies about that….

Marisa Papen Naked Girl on Girl


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