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Iskra Lawrence Fat Nip Slip of the Day

Iskra Lawrence Nip Slip in the Bath

Is Iskra Lawrence taking a bath or soaking in brine for the cookout?

She’s a scam, a model who couldn’t make it as a model, so she got herself fat to be accepted as a model in the plus sized world….making her a cultural appropriator…or bitch in a Fat Suit, doing Fat Face like it’s Black Face and the fat people believe her cuz she’s actually fat, and don’t realize it’s a role, like Russell Crowe playing that dude who ran Fox…

Either way….normalizing fat is bad for the world – it is what the man wants – to sell more chronic medications – to have a sick nation that doesn’t resist or progress – and all these people saying “look it’s ok to be fat”….are just fucking eating themselves to death….thinking it’s hot…when it’s not..

They will all fucking die prematurely….and this sexualization of the fat woman as more than just a sick fetish for a guy who had a fat mom…is fucked.

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