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Rachel McCord See Through Panties on the Beach of the Day

Rachel McCord is the less relevant McCord sister, who is in and of herself not relevant being the relevant McCord sister, despite her attempt to attend every single event possible to be relevant when she managed to scam her way onto to TV as an actress…..

I feel like these girls were the hot girls in their local high school girl who may have been the hottest one in class, and who with her sisters made the hottest sisters in the town, and who learned how to make that work for them back then, only to get to LA and bring them with her…where she became a parody of an actress or celebrity, like Courtney Stodden or a Phoebe Price…but who actually got on TV…if you consider 90210 being on TV….which unlike the other famewhores is legit acting…while her sisters just tagged along and sucked the attention as the hot sisters…and with that comes today’s see through white lingerie bikini for the paparazzi because all these years later, girl is still trying….and wet white bathing suits is trying the right way.

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