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Maitland Ward Dykes it Down of the Day

Maitland Ward Licking Pussy Dkying it Down

I am a failure when I only have 6 fucking Patrons on Patreon while Maitland Ward makes 45,000 dollars on the shit per m
onth…but I don’t hold your lack of support against you…I hated you before you didn’t give me money…

I find it very weird that Maitland Ward, the sex worker from Boy Meets World, who used some Boy Meets World revival to Sex Work harder, and who I used to post conversations she had with people about anal sex for money hook-ups, that she personally asked me to remove….is now cool with being a sex worker.

She could have made way more than her 45k a month, that I can’t believe she makes 45k a month…because who would pay for this dog shit..who now does lesbian sex. It makes more sense.

She should have done things so much differently, but she doesn’t listen to my advice and here’s her weird sex…

This is heavily awkward, weird and unsexy…but this is what happens when you were famous at 20 and forgotten by 21….only to be remembered….you post whatever you can to get noticed, even dyke sex.

This is heavily disturbing, embarrassing, and not hot in the least…but it is happening, I wonder who her co-star lesbian is, but not really. All these people are useless.

MaitlandWard Licking her Tits


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