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Iskra Lawrence Fat Ass Tiny Bikini of the Day

Iskra Lawrence Fat ass Tiny Black Bikini

Iskra Lawrence is part of the problem and not the solution..

As a fat man who can’t fit on the bus seats, plane seats, really any restaurant seat with arms, I feel like I have the right to say….fat is fucking terrible.

As a fat man who has been married to a fat woman who is disabled from being fat, and who I have to actually wipe her ass down sometimes when her pancreas can’t produce enough digestive enzymes to digest the fat she eats and it ends up all over her gross thighs….

As a fat man who has no standards but knows enough to know that fat is disgusting, a liability, a health hazard, unattractive and gross.

I can say that making the seats bigger for the fat people to be more comfortables, and by seats I mean bikinis, is just saying keep eating motherfuckers, die young, be medicated, we don’t care…

This whole inclusivity, body positivity thing is nonsense that is created by people like the Kardashians who are the most vapid plastic surgery ridden women, to sell product to dumb fat chicks who want to believe they can have a good life….and if you’re Iskra Lawrence and in your “fat suit” to get famous…I guess you can…but to the poor suckers who are having fat normalized and are told it’s ok to be them…that’s just bad for everyone and the infrastructure and society as a whole…the health industry just can’t support it…and either can most structures.

Iskra Lawrence Fat ass Tiny Black Bikini


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