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Halsey Nipples See Through Bra of the Day

Halsey Posing in See Through Lace Bra Showing Nipples

Our favorite, or least favorite, but I post on her like I do with Rita Ora, is out there doing her thing, whatever that thing may be, and it involves see through BRAS and showing her nipples which in case you didn’t realize, is fucking awesome no matter what fucking weirdo is doing it..

I know nipples are being desexualized, but they still excite me, and the more the free the nipple, it’s just nipples, stop being a pervert happens, the more of a pervert I get to be…

I mean yesterday I saw a black chick, who unlike Halsey, was actually black, not just milking the fact that her dad is Black to try to get in on the “ethnic” and “diversity” storyline…wearing a dress, no bra, with monster tits, nipples everywhere and I FUCKING Loved it…

I see nipples in person and on the internet – EVERY Day of my damn life…and it’s the only thing inspiring, even when on people like Halsey, who fucked the right DJ, got a record deal in the VIP room, and now seems to exist…blue hair and all..her pretty fucking white looking nipples.

Here she is being white for a white people magazine

Halsey Posing for MArie CLaire Magazine


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