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Halsey Brought Them Titties Out of the Day

Halsey Tits in a Yellow Bikini

Halsey is some half black bullshit performer who fucked a couple of DJ/Producers and got herself a vocal track on their shitty songs that aren’t even songs – but that all the kids and college kids are into – because they like to bro down at the clubs and festivals all high on MDMA so that they can rub up on each other, grab ass, and cry sexual assault the next day because they forget how slutty they were being and can’t accept bad sex.

Halsey has a movie coming out about her life, because she’s tricked someone into thinking it’s so amazing, hard done for, coming up the ranks of sucking a DJs dick when you were a party girl meth head….a story so many girls have since DJs are lonely and bring different girls into their rooms at night in different cities – every time.

I know at least 100 girls who have slept with various DJs over the last 10 years…and the DJs are doing it…except maybe Avicii cuz he’s dead…

Point being, Halsey and her Stupid life story that isn’t one based on a talent dying on her way home from a gig on a private jet like she was Patsy Cline…is starting to push that she’s half black even though she’s whiter than Lea Michele…and went off on Hotel Shampoo being not for everyone, cuz her “black hair” can’t handle it, despite it saying it’s for all hair types and despite her hair being non black hair….she’s an idiot…

People still work with her, despite her having paparazzi pics of her snorting drugs….and here she is in a bikini…while her boyfriend G-Easy is in jail in Sweden for cocaine charges…cuz they are all crackheads…

Halsey Tits in a Yellow Bikini 2

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Halsey Nude Bra and Panties of the Day

Halsey Nude Bra and Panties with Fishnets

Halsey is a club kid, who fucked the right DJ or Producer, and got her vocals onto a few hit songs, making her legit, money and allowing her to tour, experience life as a rockstar, and I guess she’s being a little shameless exhibitionist, something I am not against, even if I don’t find her hot, or interesting…and the only thing I really find interesting that she’s done is drugs for the paparazzi while on a yacht in Miami…not that I wouldn’t expect that or care that much to see that…but because brands still work with her…

I like to understand the logic of what’s considered to be a good ad partner, so if someone has a hit song from riding some producer dick, she is seen as current, relevant, famous and gets to attend all the events where brands throw money at her….despite being half naked, or doing drugs….

While other people who do drugs will never get touched by a brand, or will even get dropped by a brand…

It’s weird time filled with inconsistencies…and here is some Halsey in Panties with Prison Tattoos erotica…

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Halsey’s Crackhead Nipples of the Day

Halsey Nipples in a See through black lace bodysuit

Halsey is a crackhead who has had paparazzi images of her snorting whatever the fuck she was snorting, whether it was ritalin, or coke, or meth, or MDMA, snorting drugs, is some crackhead shit..

I know that all the cool kids love snorting drugs, I know that snorting was big in the 80s, but we still live in a world where WEED is illegal…

So this crackhead, who is best known for being vocals on some EDM songs, a party girl by trade, who only exists because she was at the raves raging and sucking the right dicks…is just doing her…

And Yves St Laurent…endorses that…which for someone from a different era, knows of athletes being arrested and kicked out of the NBA for being caught with weed…what the fuck…

Yet performers can snort fucking drugs and brands still support them…makes no sense…but here’s the nipples…if you look hard enough…

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Halsey’s Butt – a Retrospective of the Day

Halsey is the crackhead party girl who I guess groupied on the right the DJ Producer at her local club, because if you’ve ever partied over the last 15 years when all these raver DJs became really stupid rich and famous, you will know that they have an inner circle of local pussy, that become their friends, and that visit them at concerts around the country, or festivals, who the DJs and producers potentially fuck….or just jerk off on because they have wives at home…

I know so many girls who have fucked these guys…often times the same girls with different DJs, and I guess sometimes they get to scam their way onto one of their tracks as a vocalist, it’s the easiest way in…

So that they can be famous and a party girl at a higher level…all because the played their cards right and now have a record deal of their own…..

Halsey…is in a bikini bottom showing off her ass….not a great ass…a pretty unfit ass..but an ASS never the less…

Oh and she’s with JOSIE CANSECO – JOSE’s Daughter…winning at life I guess


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Halsey in a Bikini with Some other Hoes in Bikinis of the Day

Halsey is in Miami, because of course she is, it was Music Week and she’s the ever most important person in music…ttendy….the voice you’ve probably heard on at least on shitty radio song that she’s not the star of….you know the featured vocal playing the girl part, because she networked with a couple of dudes who created a viral music, that EDM shit….making video game music for half retard ADD kids that are now the mainstream….

I’m more into her social media and I guess paparazzi whoring to get herself more and more famous, from snorting drugs on a yacht, to riding a jet ski with 3 other girls, one of them being JOSIE CANSECO, also a scenester leveraging her dad’s celebrity…yes….this Josie Canseco…..

Here she is on that Jet skis with the hoes….

Here is a video…

Here’s some Halsey in a See Through Dress of the Day

Halsey sighting in New York City

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Halsey Panty Flash of the Day

Halsey pussy flash in a black dress

We don’t know who this sex worker Halsey is.

But we do know that she was doing blow in a bikini on a boat…or maybe it was ritalin, but unfortunately not an opiate that took her out.

Her career is the vocals on EDM raver trash song, so this low level “artist” is totally uninteresting to me, she just sucked the right DJ cock at some music festival and now exists….enough for the paparazzi to take pics of her panties getting out of a car.

She couldn’t be less boring, EVEN while flashing panties…fuck this garbage like you fuck your pocket pussy….with little passion or effort because you’re ashamed that your life has come to this.

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Halsey’s Coked Out Tits and Pussy Flash of the Day

Halsey flashes her pussy in black dress

Halsey’s got a pretty good front ass…that she is showing off at some Fashion Week bullshit….

I mean she’s 23 but as we can learn from other 23 year olds…not all have good asses…just ask Ariel Winter and other fat chicks…because fat is in, while Halsey maintains her weight…thanks to doing coke and cock on a boat in Miami a few weeks ago, I am too lazy to look for it….

We still don’t really know who Halsey is, but we’re into this panty flashing….because why the fuck not…next time just don’t wear the panties. It’s in our best interest.

Halsey big tits in a nude thong bodysuit


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Halsey Rippin’ Lines in a Bikini of the Day

Halsey singer snorting cocaine on a yacht in maimi in a black bikini

Halsey grabs her ass in a black bikini

Halsey’s got a pretty good ass…I mean she’s 23 but as we can learn from other 23 year olds…not all have good asses…just as Ariel Winter and other fat chicks…

She’s in a bikini, in Miami, being lame as fuck on a boat for the paparazzi, dancing around like an idiot – because like all girls her age…she loves the attention…

So Halsey is the voice you’ve probably heard on at least on shitty radio song that she’s not the star of….you know the featured vocal playing the girl part, because she networked with a couple of dudes who created a viral music, that EDM shit….making videogame music for half retard ADD kids that are now the mainstream….

I used to go to raves because I would drink all night and it was the only place to go – and those raver kids were fucking odd in the late 90s…computer coders, weird awkward girls, all in costumes….but in the 2017s…it’s a bro filled instagram cesspool of shit party….that make girls like Halsey and I guess street drug vendors money..

The world is too weird for me….but here she is in a bikini raging…


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Halsy Nipples in Playboy of the Day

Halsey is the voice you probably heard on at least on shitty radio show that she’s not the star of, but rather the featured vocal playing the girl part, because she networked with a couple of dudes who created a viral music act, that aren’t even that musical, but kids these days are retards and buy into anything, especially simplistic EDM videogame music, their half retard ADD, computer using brains can handle it.

Well, she’s doing some press, making it count, pulling out tits in some mags, just showing nipples in others…like Playboy…because I guess…it’s good for business…

Here’s her social media pic of the day

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Halsey Topless of the Day

Halsey is topless in a magazine….

Most people don’t know who Halsey is, but apparently she does vocals on a big EDM party song – which was a smart move for her to do – because now she get invited everywhere…since you can’t always get to the top on your own merit, ride them coattails to get where you need to go…

The people who do know who Halsey is, have seen her tits before because she’s part of that generation of short hair, tits out, attention seeking designed as “art” or liberty to all…because it is clickbait the masses have decided is sending some higher message of equality, feminist power, or whatever it is that is going on here….

I prefer girls who don’t flash their tits, even though I like seeing the tits, because I am old and come from an era of girls cockteasing, rather than giving it up, because once it’s given up, it because less erotic, because it’s being put out there…

That’s not to say their plan of de-sexualizing toplessness works…it’s just to say famewhoring and attention seeking takes away from the tits we are looking at…they aren’t desexualized at all, in fact bitch is sexualizing the fuck out of them…they just aren’t hot because they smell of desperation…something I like in my street hookers, but not in my celebrities or trying to be celebrities..

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