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Marisa Papen Hot Bush of the Day

Marisa Papen is some performance artist, nude model, who was naked on instagram and got a following for it, back before everyone was nude on instagram, when you got deleted for being nude on instagram, before instagram pulled back on policing content produced by women seeking attention, because they didn’t want to be called out as oppressive patriarchy or anti-feminist, like let these women on the platform be whores the way nature intended them to be, because there’s not much difference between a nude shoot and a bikini shoot for attention…

The point of the story is that she’s gone onto continue her nude modeling, outside of instagram and I don’t know if she gets paid to do this, or if it is inspired from a higher level, higher purpose, higher intensity…without a need for your simplistic mechanisms of measurement like cash money…

Good pussy bush though, ,I love that shit….

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