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Kate Hudson Bikini Top of the Day

Kate Hudson and her geriatric pregnancy tits thought it was a good idea to post up some old lady pregnant, despite it being totally unnatural and even disgusting, thanks to having some solid tit, something she hasn’t really had throughout her career of rich broken celebrity child, turned celebrity of her own, thanks to people hiring her thanks to who her mom is.

I guess these bikini pics are in response to her brand Fabletics, a fitness brand that targets moms, using Demi Lovato, a non fitness celebrity in her campaigns, despite her workout of choice being DRUG OVERDOSES…and not fitness at all.

I mean, provided she even knows or cares or noticed Demi Lovato having a drug overdose, after they’ve already got all the deals they could from Lovato’s fans.

I guess what I am saying is Hollywood is fucked and so is Kate Hudson being pregnant…but not as fucked as her vagina after all of hollywood fucked it….but we’ll save that bedtime story for another day.

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