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Maitland Ward Dykes it Down of the Day

Maitland Ward Licking Pussy Big Tits Bikini

Maitland Ward always emails me when I tell this story, a story I call our first encounter, when I was posting her slutty pics because I found them gross yet hilarious, because leverage Boy Meets World 20 years later was funny to me, and big old lady tits, shamelessly trying to get noticed, 20 years late was funny to me….

So the story is – a site reader sent me screenshots of a conversation he had with her on snapchat, offering her 1000 dollars for unprotected anal sex and she went for it.

At the time she was in denial about being a pervert sex worker, but the internet, he has a way of breaking people down to what their actual self worth is. He has a way of saying bitch, you aren’t gonna be in Hollywood movies anymore, accept the sex work…and with that she got more and more naked…eventually setting up a patreon where she makes over 40k a year to fuck female pornstars in weird self produced content like an entrepreneur running her weird empire…while eating pussy.

She makes great money doing this, more than if she did porn, and I am bitter she doesn’t pay me to promote her, or that she rejected my sex tape offers I sent her before she became a self starting soon to be millionaire from eating pussy…

It’s a weird sex worker story arch, why not do this when you’re 20, but at least you’re doing at 45….not that we really need to see this…as there are hot chicks out there…but reducing herself to a pussy eater getting paid in bootleg content is glorious in and of itself…

Good job internet…you won this one…

Maitland Ward Licking Pussy Big Tits Bikini


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