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Vanessa Hudgens Bikini of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is the greatest of all time….I mean…not really…but she was one of the first celebs from some Disney shit to have leaked nudes. I guess Paris Hilton and her Sidekick hack was the original first hack…but the straight up nude to her boyfriend like all the girls are doing…but in an era when that wasn’t the norm…it took a real slut in a long distance relationship and a deep trust with the person you’re sending those pics to…

Now all girls are posting their assholes up on the instagram for everyone….like it aint a thing, cuz it aint a thing, but it was a thing, and for those of use who remember Vanessa Hudgens and her big hot bush cuz she hairy from back in the day….you’ll appreciate seeing her bikini…cuz you know what’s under it….even though she pretends it was when she was 17….even though it’s genetically and biologically impossible to have that much bush at that age..but clever angle to scare bloggers into thinking they are the same perverts writing that Millie Bobbie Brown relationship status…..

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