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Kate Dyakonova Nude Photoshoot of the Day

Kate Dyakonova Nude by Gerhard Merzeder

All I’ve been able to find on this one, Kate Dyakonova, is that she’s a Ukrainian model….but then again maybe the name Kate Dyakonova is a common Ukrainian name…as I know I have met a few Ukrainians over the years…one was even a stepgirl and her name was Kate…while Dyakonova, could just be like Smith or White or whatever is a common American name…so maybe that Kate Dyakonova isn’t this Kate Dyakonova …but both get naked in photoshoots to get ahead…so both are women I can get behind and support…not financially, I can’t afford those Soviet sex workers who become mail order brides…they are too superficial and think the American dream is being a Kardashian in a Bentley….I mean they’ve got Billionaires of their own they can fuck…if they are hot enough and they aren’t fucking Naomi Campbell or Rihanna…they don’t need American degenerates…unless they are still working as cam girls in some basement room for 7 dollars a minute of being naked at gun point.

Ukrainian like our girl Oksana who founded FEMEN a source of protesting tits I liked…had massive issues with governments everywhere and who “committed suicide”….

Either way…I like Soviet sex workers in any and all capacities….from cam girl, to local stripper, to porn star…to straight up hooker…to model to sugar baby…to IRINA SHAYK….even though I fear them…like the spies who will kill us and rig your election while rigging my erection….I know they are…

But maybe I’m just turned on by this thanks to the CORONA…

Kate Dyakonova Nude by Gerhard Merzeder


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