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Bella Thorne See Through Bra of the Day

Bella Thorne Slutty Thong and Nipples See Through Bra

I think Bella Thorne would be more interesting if she wasn’t lame as fuck.

I realize that I am an old pervert creep, judging some young idiot, who comes across as a fucking idiot, and who amazingly has a job, gets work, makes money and runs her own little ghetto fucking business that probably rakes in the money since everyone is on fucking social media and that’s how the world works these days….no real purpose or vision needed, just clickbait noise…and not just with her tits and nudity…with her whole act of being weird and quirky…it’s just too loud for me.

I never like the crackhead in the room causing the scene, drawing the attention, I prefer the one in the corner drooling on herself, half dead…both can be equally hot, busty, they can be fucking twins even….but the one having the freak out is a fucking liability..

Bella Thorne..reminds me of the one having a freak out…the liability…so tits or not, she’s irritating as fuck…and the fact she succeeds is a reminder of how doomed we fucking are as a society….True story.


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