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Bella Thorne Nipple Pop for OUT Magazine Cause She’s a Queer of the Day

Bella Thorne Nipple Pop for Out Magazine

You can’t really see Bella Thorne’s nipple in her Queer photo for a homosexual propaganda magazine called OUT….but that’s because Bella Thorne is a ginger and has invisible nipples that don’t show up on her pasty white skin….especially after her tits have been filled with implants stretching out that ginger skin…making me happy this isn’t her vagina…because as much as she whores herself out and as much as she whores her fake tits out because they aren’t actually part of her, just an accessory like a new car, or a new face thanks to lip injections…she keeps her pussy in her pants…at least in terms of content for social media in her clickbaiting and I can only assume it is because she has the pussy curse of the readhead pussy where the pussy lips are a bit too fucking pink for the skin color and the contrast of the two disgusting…

I just know that if we haven’t seen her pussy yet, and we haven’t she’s not all that racy..just a trained Disney kid talking to a market in their voice to sell product…which is probably why she fucks chicks too..it’s trendy…

Point being…there is no point to any of this nonsense.


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Bella Thorne Erotica of the Day

Bella Thorne TIts Pink Top Red Panties
Bella Thorne is living her best life – looking beat as fuck…

She’s 20 or younger and looks 45…

She’s really hype now – people care about her and all it took was a Disney show and some half nude ig pics…

She’s annoying and may be the next opiate overdose! It’s trendy. Opiate overdoses.

Stay tuned to find out!


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Bella Thorne Half Naked Halloween Erotica of the Day

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Bella Thorne Slutty Red bra Panties

Bella Thorne the most important person on instagram according to Bella Thorne was promoting her Halloween party that I tried to get an RSVP to…and that I emailed in for but that was RUDELY ignored…

I wrote:

I am ready to Halloween Party.
I have already built my costume.
It is a giant vagina made of WAGU beef slices
It may smell.
But you may eat it when you get hungry.
It is high grade beef curtains.

I can also teach you how to pussy dance in my pussy costume made of WAGU beef CURTAINS.

I excite myself to attend your event.

Would you like video proof to see me excite myself for your event!!

Also…will you be selling your previously worn costumes, preferably undergarments.

I have rash on my face from rubbing too much….and by face I mean….wagu beef curtains.

This is what I missed….

and this….

I got nothing back, no invitation or discount priced tickets…rude…but I wasn’t really surprised all these kids are fucking assholes and I’ve been ignored by everyone pretty much my entire existence……

I guess Bella Thorne wasn’t reading the emails anyway, she has groupie interns and assistants for that, while she’s busy being all into herself and promoting herself in the lowest but best and most effective form…getting half naked.

It’s not all these people’s fault that they are narcissistic, society is based on taking pics of yourself in the fucking mirror…that’s what people deem important…

While I deem nudity for no reason important because there was a time when you didn’t get daily half naked celebs….now that shit is everywhere…

What’s interesting is how doughy she’s looking, there was a time she was into fitness erotica and all she’d do is workout, be toned and now…she’s slowly getting fat…girl will learn the sad truth of slowing metabolism, too many carbs booze and other munchies snacks…it’s already starting with the untoned…and will end with the Amy Schumer…where everyone will throw money at her because fat is in…

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Bella Thorne Titty Flash for the Gram of the Day

Bella Thorne Titty Flash

Bella Thorne, your favorite self promoting Disney whore, who at 18 never spoke to her thieving mother again, and with 200 dollars to her name, or so she thinks she only had 200 dollars, she’s managed to make a shit ton of money exploiting all those Disney fans into thinking she’s cool, interesting or compelling, all while getting half naked…

I wonder if the 200 dollars she had in her account was before or after she got herself tits, or did her mom get her tits at 16, as solid stage parents who made all her kids sing and dance for rich men for money….would do.

I just know that despite being annoying as fuck…I appreciate Bella Thorne as an “It girl”, an “Influencer” and “actor” and performer….when she does slutty attention seeking titty content for her fans cuz you’re all a bunch of perverts…and so am I…

Bella Thorne Nipples


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Bella Thorne Bouncing Tits on Stage of the Day

Bella Thorne TIts Tight Pants Dancing

Bella Thorne is a modern day clown and not just because she’s wears a ton of make-up, has a clown face, and is in a silly wig and outfit, she’s a modern day clown, because this is what kids tune into, like back in the day of the carnivals, to get entertainment from. So she just keeps trying to make her act more interesting, and now that everything is based on social media, she’s crafted this character weirdo that the kids relate to, all thanks to her Disney Training and her mom, who has 6 other kids, who she’s tried to make famous, it’s been strategic and her life work….

So this is the mainstream….and I guess it’s got fake tits and dances like a white girl at a club, just letting loose, because it makes her seem more real…

But we’ve seen it before, all these childstars are mental and break. This one is only 21, there’s plenty of time for her to Gary Coleman, Dana Plato, Lindsay Lohan, Corey Haim, Demi Lovato and Now Selena Gomez herself…

They have it all, they make all the money, but they fucking crack…on crack…that is crack for idiot kids with no opinion of their own because they just respond to marketing and advertising…and I guess porn….

This is the now and it’s lame as fuck. Good tits though. Nice white girl hip shake though.


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Bella Thorne’s Dog Playing with her Tits of the Day

I suggest you watch Bella Throne, or Thorne, or Torne Labia, depending on your tasts. and her tits on mute. Her voice is the kind of voice that cuts right into my chest and gives me chills down my fucking spine. I don’t know if I am autistic or not, I’ve never been tested, but I do know when I hear loud and irritating things, they drive me fucking crazy…and her voice…drives me fucking crazy.

I am glad that there is this wall between us called the INFORMATION SUPER HIGHWAY….her screen to my screen divided by miles of wires and radiowaves killing off the people…and sperm count…

Because I can watch her fuck her dog on mute, the way she is better presented to the people….even though she gets cast in movies with talking roles, mute…is how we like her and her gutter rich fake tits….

I’m ready for the overdose, but I have a feeling this Disney Kid doesn’t even do drugs…just acts like she does..cuz she’s a poser idiot…CALL THE PETA.



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Bella Thorne’s #SlayEm of the Day

Bella Thorne slutty instagram slayem

If you watched the internet on Friday, all these chick accounts posted a picture of their desktop featuring their “nudes’ that were never nudes…but they used some really obscure instagram meme accounts, to bigger hipster acts to do this ad to promote Bella Thorne’s new movie about the Misogyny slut shaming girls for their nudes through HACKING like it was the Fappening and Jennifer Lawrence’s butthole was being shown the world, in what I still think was an inside job.

Point being, that along with the lame nude selfies that went semi viral, the hashtag #Slayem was for hunters and along with all these hipster relevant feminist sluts getting paid to post this nonsense…was fucking KILLS from the hunt…

ANd that made me laugh.

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Bella Thorne Tits out of the Day

Bella Thorne Tits Out Low Cut Black Dress

Your favorite set of tits you’d probably expect to have an opiate overdose but that are too vanilla and lame despite their trying so hard to be weird hustle ….

Straight from Disney and a mom who whored her out to Disney who is clever enough to figure out what the market wants and give the market what they want…which is often times tits…the whole “i don’t give a fuck, this is me, I’m real”…only totally contrived and fake…possible in her tits as much as in her schtick…but kids are idiots and obviously buy into this…because….she exists and is making huge fucking money as she exists…

The pop world has always been shit, except now it’s easier to jerk off to as an old pervert who has no real standards but who has all the hate needed to hate everything these losers who win are doing….whether I am too old to even know these people exist or not.

To See More Bella Thorne Fake Tits Out at a Premiere CLICK HERE


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Bella Thorne’s Pimples Popping Erotica of the Day

A bitch who only really matters because her mom whored her out to Disney at a young age and she was trained in media manipulation…

Which works out nicely for us because being relevant in todays porn era means getting naked or half naked…and her body is fit and busty with good hip to waist ratio…despite her face injected horse face….

Gets out there and gets her pimples popped to show how real she is…without her tits in the frame…..

Offends me…like girl built up this brand – I get she wants you voyeurs along on the ride, but seriously…get the fuck out of here with this non tit, gross hygiene shit..

Also it’s you peeing…I aint interested…

That said, here’s her pimple popping skin care professional in a THONG at burning man…

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Bella Thorne Titty Flash of the Day

Bella Thorne Tit Flash Nipples

Bella Thorne, the candy-coated, vapid Disney Kid who pretends to be weird, quirky and edgy, to speak to a generation of idiots, who believe in her weird, quirky and edgy content and personality and forget that she’s a trained manipulator, liar, designed to sell product from the school of Disney….

But I watch from afar, and I am totally out of touch admittedly, and I don’t interact with any young people beyond seeing their tits on the internet, but know that quality, substance, actual meaning is not part of this generation.

They like memes, they life fluff, they like bright lights….

All the music sounds the same shit, from Soundcloud fame, all the weird outfits are what they all wear, thus not weird at all…there’s a laziness, because it’s easy to get out there and make it…when back in the day it was a struggle…and the whole everything is just shit.

But at least they are sluttier, exhibitionists, showing tits…

Whether Bella Thorne is a lesbian with this chick or not, who cares…her tits out, and it’s all just garbage hype – but with tits – the kind of hype I like.

Bella Thorne Tit Flash NipplesBella Thorne Tit Flash Nipples


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