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Mile High Has All You Need for a Good Time of the Day

We have partnered up with our homies who bring you bongs under 100 and your Glass Pipes ….they go by the name MILE HIGH but you don’t need to buy any flights or fuck in the bathroom of jets to get cred…you just need to SHOW with them…

I am not into the whole smoking thing, I haven’t smoked weed since I accidentally smoked PCP in the 90s and had a freak out, like a college girl who drank too much sambuca, shit becomes toxic to you by affiliation to that bad experience and making it never my thing, but it seems like the only people who can tolerate me in person are stoned…so I am around it a lot and I feel like a drunk but honorary stoner…who knows all the tools needed to get right fucking high.

Not to mention, with weed being legalized in Canada, I must follow the direction of the government and get into the weed thing, as they try to control a plant, by making it federally legal, for the entire country to give them more of our money by taxing something you can all grow in your backyard…you know since it’s the gateway drug.

So I’ve been doing some research…..

Get all your goods at MILE HIGH

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