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Iskra Lawrence Big Girl in a Bikini of the Day

Iskra Lawrence Big Fat TIts Pussy Print Bright Orange Bikini

I guess today is a post on finding as many plus sized models living their fattest life because it gets them paid really well since fat women, who are the norm, need fat chicks to sell product to them, rather than have skinny chicks tell them to get off their fat asses, because fat shouldn’t be the damn norm…so they should get that burger and chips and cake and chocolate out of their damn mouths and start fucking walking…their organs, health, longevity will thank them….but their pharmacist will be mad they won’t have chronic diseases to pay up every month to stay alive….

It’s the world we live in…

So here’s Iskra, the UK fat chick, who I am convinced was a “skinny” chick trying to make it as a model but rejected because she was not all that eventful, and because she’s wasn’t skinny enough, so she said fuck it, started eating, did the plus sized thing, and is just in fat face – like black face…

Eventually, she’ll get fit again, and have all her followers, and maybe inspire them to get fit, rather than to just complacently accept being fat, and celebrate it..maybe become a Suzanne Somers, Susan Powers…or some other bitch named Susan to get fat people off their asses and less fat..

While that concept brews, she’s still got more to make with her fat life, so here she is confident in a fat bikini as these fat people now do….knowing at least one black guy will jerk off to this.

Iskra Lawrence Big Fat TIts Pussy Print Nude Bikini


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