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Lais Ribeiro Topless of the Day

Lais Ribeiro Nipples Topless Black Leather Thong

Lais Ribeiro is Topless, probably for that Victoria’s Secret “artistic” nude book that they are pushing their women to be in, but it could be for anything, I mean she’s a promo model from brazil, a single mother, who any type of sex work that isn’t spreading her ass and fucking a tranny on video for American straight men to watch on their favorite porn site…is success.

The fact that she’s a single mom is pretty impressive, most moms, single or not, are far lazier looking, fatter, sloppier, and tired…but I guess when you’re an immigrant trying to make it…you gotta put in that extra effort….and pull out that massive ethnic tit…

I am assuming this is from their ART BOOK OF NUDES that also featured Kendall Jenner Fucking a Horse Naked…and no it wasn’t kim…

But who cares what the purpose is, focus on the mom tit…

Here she is with her tit out for BURNING MAN

Lais Ribeiro TIts Out for Burning Man


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