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Zelda Williams Dykes it Down with Danielle Campbell of the Day

Danielle Campbell Zelda Williams Eating Pussy Shrimp

I once mad a deal with Zelda Williams that I wouldn’t post her on my site anymore, she cried some shit about how people in her high school teased her because I broke some story that she was a lesbian before she knew she was a lesbian, you know some basic cyber bully tactics I once utilized…because I believe in Bullying…and calling people out…

I actually deleted the archive content for her, SOMETHING I NEVER DO…but if someone cries enough about it, I’m not all evil, I’m actually very nice and considerate…..

But that was years ago, times have changed, she’s grown up, she’s got her Robin Williams money, and she can focus on her writing, tweeting and acting she always wanted to have going for her…and she can also own being a lesbian, or bi sexual, who cares what she fucks….this is a genderless world where all sex is good sex….

More importantly she’s on a show, or movie, putting her face in some chick’s pussy…which is obviously something I am going to post, to help her promote her own voice in the industry, because she’s more than just a brilliant comedians daughter, she’s her own person, her own activist and should be promoted as her own….so long as shes making movies with her face up in pussies…

It’s a good time for all the Zelda Williams fans…you can’t put this out there and not have me post it!

Danielle Campbell Zelda Williams Lesbian Make Out for Movie Shrimp
Danielle Campbell Zelda Williams Lesbian Make Out for Movie Shrimp


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