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Ashlee Simpson in a Magazine Being Slutty of the Day

Ashlee Simpson wasn’t relevant when she was relevant, if you know what I mean.

She only existed as a product of her sister, you know the kind of younger sister who just assumes she is entitled to what the older sister has, by default, because she’s born into the same family….and the family feel bad that she’s got none of the talent or appeal of the older sister…but encourage her anyway so that she doesn’t feel neglected…when she should just be happy her older sister has allowed her to have this good life without having to work or be an entertainer….eventually having her lip synch fail on SNL…and fading away, forgotten, to raise a Pete Wentz baby, who at the time was a big deal….and now fuck Diana Ross’ son who only exists because his mom is Diana Ross….his name not actually Ross, because his dad was not a Ross, but it gets you further when you’re a rich entitled twat…his dad was a mountaineer named Arne Næss Jr. who was worth over 600 million dollars, which is how Mountaineers have sex with Diana Ross….and why his kids who don’t use his name professionally have lots of stupid money and just do this for fun….

Well, as it turns out, magazines and social media like to follow people who were, or people associated to famous people, giving Ashlee Simpson the ability to finally be her own performer, her own person, and she’s doing it by trying to be slutty and seductive in some husband softcore porn, that looks like a cheesy instagram shoot, because it pretty much is….as nothing is original or exciting…but I guess Ashlee Simpson being slutty is hilarious and I like to fancy myself a comedy site before a porn site…so take in this desperation….and encourage it, because it is important to encourage all women to pretend to be intense, sexual, model bitches with their posing…

I mean she’s 34 and looking better than she did at 24…..thanks face injections I guess…

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