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Demi Rose Mawby Slutty Photoshoot of the Day

Demi Rose Mawby Big TIts Slutty Photoshoot 2

This Demi shares more than just a name with Demi Moore….she shares a lifestyle choice…

Demi Moore paved the way for women everywhere, women like this DEMI, to get a lot of fucking plastic surgery so that they don’t look their true 60 fucking years old when they turn 60 fucking years old…or in this DEMI’s case look 40 years old when they are in their early 20s…cuz those face injections jack you the fuck up…and age you until you’re old and it turns you into some kind of muppet…for personal gain..

But who like Demi Moore, is pretty much HALF, which is what DEMI means in french, HALF…real…because the rest of them is filler and injections used to craft whatever the fuck it is we’re looking at….

I find it repulsive to celebrate any woman who has jacked herself up this much with science and surgeries….I find it offensive, it fucks with young people, who are out there getting all kinds of procedures to look like the muppets of instagram….

But when they do it, like this DEMI did it, to promote her sex work and hooking, I get it…I mean rich people like to fuck weird things, so you might as well become that weird thing, to get that rich person money.

This is not hot to me.


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