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Bebe Rexha Nipples Wet and See Through of the Day

Bebe Rexha Nipples See Through Wet Shirt

Bebe Rexha, who I call fat, because I am a cyber bully, is some 29 year old recent pop star that I only heard of this year, because I guess she got some mainstream success….

I didn’t realize she was so old, but as it turns out she was a songwriter….and she’s Albanian like Dua Lipa…the other new starlet taking over…because I guess ALbanians know shitty pop music…

She has co-wrote a bunch of songs for a bunch of people….from EDM to Selena Gomez, to the Jonas Brothers, to EMINEM….and as it turns out, she was a singer for a Pete Wentz band back when Fall Out Boy had every dude dressed like an EMO scene kid queer…and I guess that just evolved….in 2010…before she was the BEBE REXHA who isn’t ANNA REXHA…based on her tits alone…now 8 years later…she’s in a hot tub…rich, famous and living her best life…while we try to make sense of her bikini top and whether we’re seeing a nipple or a McNugget she was pigging out on earlier, that she’s stiffed in her top and that she’s saving for later in case her blood sugar drops…fat people.


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