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Naked Girls in the Kitchen For Thanksgiving of the Day

Naked Girls Kitchen Thanksgiving

Here’s some pics of naked girls in the kitchen where they belong on Thanksgiving….right?

I figure what better way to celebrate giving thanks over a feast that remembering a time that was….when women would enjoy and find pride in cooking for their families…before this whole gender neutrality thing happened and they all got busy taking selfies and posting facebook statuses, forcing the traditional thanksgiving meal with tradition gender roles to be replaced by ordered pizza….or Whole Food catered dinners.

Luckily there are still matriarchs who get the job done, who want to be the Martha Stewart of the family, who work and still manage the house, cuz dudes are fucking pathetic children incapable, and this is a celebration of that….a simpler time…bitches in the kitchen…now a fetish…but what was once a norm…I am a fan…All these food and pussy making me excited.

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Naked Girls Kitchen Thanksgiving


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