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Dita Von Teese Nipples n Bush of the Day

Dita Von Teese Jean Paul Gaultier Nipples Bush

Dita Von Teese is a fucking legend and genius and pretty fucking cool in all that she’s done.

She was early to the internet with her fetish shit that she turned into Burlesque shit, that I never really fully appreciated, even though I love the era it is from, mainly because the people who into that, pin-up, swing dance, rockabilly, back in the late 90s were usually fat chicks…and I hate fat chicks.

While Dita was doing her fetish content, polarizing it to be Glamour, getting dialled into hollywood, rock and roll, fashion and all this other high end shit….doing Playboy when it mattered, being consistent and high concept….high brow…while other fetish chicks, who didn’t curate their content, who weren’t actually passionate about Fetish and Burlesque, ended up in porn getting pissed on before becoming born again Christians…

Not every one has the same ability to achieve success….and not every one has the same ability to have staying power…and not every one has the ability to still be doing it, still be relevant, still be interesting….but Dita Von Teese pulled it off…

She’s in Paris Fashion Week, wearing sheer lace, you can see her rockin’ tits, and this is nice and authentic, it’s not some instagram idiot doing it…it’s a legend, who’s got over 20 years in high end lingerie.

I’m just happy she’s not the Burlesque dancers I knew in college, not that I went to college, with their Betty Page Bangs and Double Big Mac everyday for lunch bellies…that don’t understand that not every titty tassel or corset lacing is created equally…

Here is a throwback of her getting wet as she does
Dita Von Teese Nipple Pasties Thong


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