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Amber Heard See Through of the Day

Amber Heard See Through

Here is Amber Heard showing you her skills to trap a rich man….you know, not keen on ever working a real job, but keen on doing whatever it takes to work it for a rich dude, because if you know sugar babies, the amount of effort that has to go into their pervert rich, needy and demanding men is massive, you’d think “shit, if you got a job and put the same effort in, you’d be rich as fuck for yourself”…and I guess Amber Heard, like Melania Trump, who had a career before they got into rich dudes, even though they were probably always into rich dudes…but that career was just great positioning to get her to more rich guys…her true fetish and passion….

This sheer top is not surprising, because before Johnny Depp, she was slutty and that kind of shit was her angle…you know a trashy b lister, who is only famous cuz of who she married….

Good hustle, I guess….watching a bitch churn butter like some kind of fucking Farmer’s Daughter you know is just playing it up so rich guys think she’s a farmer’s daughter they are saving, when really she’s a soulless demon….trying to Black Widow them….cuz that’s how acting works…or where she learned her acting skills…via manipulating dudes to give her shit she wanted.


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